next show may 20th sat night 8 oclock 603 main street portjefferson First United Methodist Church in the Cathedral

new album release spring 2017

next show may 20th sat night 8 o’clock in the sanctuary of the historic first united Methodist church 603 main street port Jefferson, advanced tickets only available at questions 631 473 5220

Andrew will be performing at the ny songwriters circle mon dec 19th at the bitter end 8 pm down on bleaker

thanks to all for a great show at great south bay festival




rehearsal with the elementry school was so much fun. these kids were incredible; their voices, pure poetry. we were rehearsing for a peace concert with a song I wrote for them called “Together.”

Your Smile Convinced The World

my new album, “Your Smile Convinced The World,” was nearly two years in the making and it’s here.

John Lennon

i was a guest singer last night at a John Lennon tribute concert. it was a lot of fun working with all these great musicians and be a part of something where my nerves would normally get the best of me. thanks to everyone for making me feel so comfortable. and thanks most of all to John for his great music. I know he would have liked the energy in the room last night.   andy

coming soon

coming soon: saturday, november 20th, andrew fortier’s new album release and show

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