Andrew Fortier, Native Long Islander

an artist in residence for the greater part of his life, at least from his own perspective. archivist, storyteller, and perhaps most important, husband and dad. Fortier’s newest record, “Your Smile Convinced The World,” is filled with personal, heartfelt songs, words put to music that reflect a life in progress, his urgent voice and gorgeous melodies punctuating each and every tune. once upon a time major recording contracts came and went for Fortier…people always say they can’t believe he’s not all over the radio…insist he’s gonna make it. his reply time after time: “i’ve already made it as far as my life has gone. the rest is just icing.” to Andrew Fortier, the glass is always half full and every day a blank canvas awaits.

Andrew Fortier’s 15 minutes of fame to date

small facts not meant for hype, just for the record in case anyone really wanted to know: major recording contract with giant record company, Warner Brothers and Chrysalis/Emi Records. BMG publishing deal.

Most favorite 15 minutes

legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin producing international New Zealand soprano and songwriter Hayley Westenra, who sang Andrew’s original song “I Say Grace” with the London Philharmonic, with Westenra selling over 2 million albums and giving him a great complement from a Broadway stage in New York.

Andrew's Latest Album

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